The EU Position Scramble: FT Article

Great article today in the Financial Times showing the disunity that the fight over the top 3 remaining EU jobs (Council President, Eurogroup President, and High Rep) is creating. I took a look at this at the beginning of the week and concluded that the only solution to clashing national interests is the independent choice by an elected EU ‘president.’  This article does a great job at framing the debate and the various regional and national issues that are impeding the nominations of qualified candidates.

“As with many EU issues, there are multiple regional and political issues at stake that make choices akin to the provebial game of three-dimensional chess.”- Peter Spiegel in the FT

All this debate ultimately manages to do is cheapen the role of the EU and perpetuate the stereotypes of a bloated and ineffective body.  The only true solution to this sclerosis is indeed the simplest one: democracy!  I’ll say it again, make the EU more democratic by creating more popularly elected positions!