Article of the Day: John Redwood, the EU and some friendly advice for business

John Redwood, the EU and some friendly advice for business

I love the tories.  Rather, I love to criticize the tories.  Although I don’t doubt their prowess in fixing Britain’s economy (I’m dying to have that kind of recovery in France), their disjointed rhetoric on EU membership is downright shocking.  This article perfectly exposes the fault lines both within the party and the party logic!  How can a party that incessantly touts its pro-business credentials criticize the market that provides it with endless customers?

Therein lies the paradox.  The Tories see the EU as nothing more than a glorified free trade zone when, in fact, it is so much more.  David Cameron has already shown that he is in good company when it comes to criticizing the EU: he voted with Hungary’s controversial Prime Minister against the nomination of Jean-Calude Juncker and would join the likes of Alexander Lukasheko if Britain left the European Convention of Human Rights (a realistic possibility).  Yet, for the tories, this is simply business as usual, or so it seems.  The truth is simply that the “cohesion” within the party is haphazardly glued together by this awkward love/hate Brussels dance.

There is a great deal of hypocrisy and incoherence in this policy but arguing with Euroskeptics is like screaming at a wall, it won’t change a thing!  Perhaps a satirical look at the entire situation can sway even the most ardent (read: stubborn and self-centered) conservatives.  Until then, I’ll have plenty of fodder for this blog!