Article of the Day: Bill Clinton plays savior for Arkansas Democrats

Bill Clinton plays savior for Arkansas Democrats

CNN published a very interesting article (no it’s not about a baby bump or other mindless gossip) on the role Bill Clinton is playing in the American mid-term elections.  I generally try to stay away from American politics, mostly because it doesn’t interest me, but also because the issues are analyzed to death by pundits and the American media.  Clinton, however, is another beast all together.

As my faithful readers will know, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair are political idols of mine.  I think their respective strategies for changing their parties and ultimately getting elected demonstrates the tremendous political acumen both men posses.  It is rightly that raw talent which not only made them succeed in their governing posts, but achieve great things in their life after politics.

This article perfectly illustrates the type of political animal that Bill Clinton is.  Few politicians who have achieved the kind of international fame that Mr. Clinton has would maintain such an intimate relationship with their political base.  Yet, this says everything about politics: its all about relationships.  When I think back to France, it’s painfully evident that politicians need to have the same visceral attachment to their electorate to be able to achieve political results.  Politics is done through groundwork.  That is undeniably the key to Clinton’s success.  Perhaps other politicians will follow suit!