Article of the day: The French far-right mayor, the pig fest and the halal butcher

The French far-right mayor, the pig fest and the halal butcher

First off, my apologies for the radio silence recently.  I’ve been very busy with work and am transitioning into a new job which is both exciting but time consuming.  I also have a very interesting article that I’ve been working on and am trying to get published – no easy task.  Regardless, here is a piece article about the FN that underlines their new communications strategy.

When the FN had a first wave of victories in municipal elections in the early 1990s, this was seen as a watershed moment in the history of the country and the party.  Yet, once their mandates actually began, most of these mayors had horrendous tenures and underscored the difficulties the far-right has in governing.  This time around, the FN has decided that a strong communication strategy is central to its governing.

This article highlights both the successes, but also the failures, of the FN’s message.  Instead of picking on all immigrants, he has chosen to pick on some.  Measures interpreted as discriminant towards Muslim immigrants are dismissed as cultural heritage.  Accusations of fraud are waved off as jealous dissent.  I think the FN has it all wrong, rather than dismiss, it should face head on, rather than wave off, it should embrace.  Sidestepping issues is never a solution.

His problem is the Kosovar and Albanian migrants housed in the town and living on benefits. They are, he says, a “new immigration”, families that produce five to seven children, feed off the French state and want to impose a “middle ages dogma and a religion that is not ours”. He likes the good immigrants, however: Italians and Portuguese, Serbs and Armenians who, he says, have fewer children and find jobs and housing on their own.

This article does a very good job of painting some of the major flaws in FN governance but also in sparking thought or discussion about what an FN would be like if given more power.  Must read!