Article of the Day: Two false paths for Europe — and a new third way

Two false paths for Europe — and a new third way – Financial Times

Those of you who know me well are familiar with the fact that I have a deep respect for Tony Blair and “third way” ideology in general. In today’s Financial Times, the former Prime Minister wrote an excellent piece about the need for a bargain between debtor and creditor countries in the EU. I find his solutions particularly pragmatic and certainly worth examining.

I got in a bit of a spat on twitter with a gentleman who disliked my use of the word “brilliant” to describe Tony Blair, because of his role in the Iraq War. I think that criticism is fair, but if we judge a man only on his failures, I’m pretty sure no one in this world would be considered brilliant. Tony Blair’s brilliance stems from his remarkable ability to coalesce people around his message – a feat that cannot be understated in a democracy. Certainly his record governing isn’t immaculate, but I would challenge you to find one leader who’s is! Even great lauded leaders like Roosevelt, Churchill, De Gaulle, Napoleon, and Bismarck had failures. Now while I don’t presume to conflate Tony Blair with these titans of history, I do think that the emulation of his tactics to this very day by high level politicians in Italy and France is proof of his enduring legacy and, I would venture as far as to argue, his brilliance.

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