Article of the Day: These 8 Democrats Are AIPAC’s Best Chances of Killing the Iran Deal

These 8 Democrats Are AIPAC’s Best Chances of Killing the Iran Deal

The Iran deal is quickly shaping up to be the foreign policy issue of 2015. The uproar this has caused in Washington is very interesting, particularly among democrats. The pull of AIPAC and other pro-Israel groups is evidently strong on both sides of the isle. So much so that Chuck Schumer has risked his bid for majority leader by bucking the White House on this issue.

I think this list does a good job of delineating the various players that could derail the deal and what their intentions are. I am firm in my belief that this is the not only a good deal, but a necessary deal – yet many in Washington are viscerally opposed to even the thought of a deal. Going forward, I believe that those opposing this deal – both in and out of congress – need to articulate what alternatives there are to the deal.

If anything, I think the biggest opponents to this deal are hardliners in Iran. Rejecting this deal would simply embolden them and lead to additional provocations. What’s more, the willingness of American partners to impose more sanctions – or even maintain the current ones – is uncertain at best.

I hope the Senators mentioned in this article will consider the alternatives (or lack thereof) when they make their decisions. This may very well turn out to be one of the most consequential votes of their careers. Regardless of how they choose to vote, we can only hope it is done on the merits of the deal and not based on the pressure of outside groups from either side!