Article of the Day: The Labour party is in mortal danger

The Labour party is in mortal danger

The Labour leadership contest is quickly showing that the lesson of the past general election has not been internalized by many within the party. Ed Miliband’s personality may have committed to his downfall, but his overtly left-wing policies surly alienated many voters. By choosing Jeremy Corbyn, the minority of labour electors are doubling down on a losing strategy.

Overall, I think that Peter Mandelson’s argument is correct: Labour needs to move back to the policies and center ground that worked so well in the late 90’s and 00’s. Ultimately, electing Corbyn might satiate the dreams of a vocal minority, but will discredit Labour as a genuine party of government. A repetitional hit such as that could take years, if not decades, to reverse, letting the Tories dominate the British political landscape for the near future.