Article of the Day: Labour’s Disastrous Choice

Labour’s Disastrous Choice

The Labour leadership election this past weekend was many things, but surprising was not one of them. Jeremy Corbyn’s election is, as I have said many times, a potential nail in the coffin for the Labour Party. While his policies and convictions, which no one can deny are profound, may drive a new wave of support, I firmly believe that they will make him unelectable to the general public. It will be curious to see not only how the Labour MPs respond to the Corbyn leadership but also what sort of a vacuum this creates in the center. I predict that the Lib Dems will probably see their share of support grow for the duration of Corbyn’s leadership. Ultimately, the electorate that voted for New Labour will likely not settle for a Corbyn government. In this situation, the likely scenario for future elections involves the Tories maintaining support and a surge in the Lib Dem vote – at least, one can hope!