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How to Submit Your Own Analysis to TheChiffre:

I am always thrilled to publish new takes on this blog.  If you have an interesting take on the news that you would like to send me, please refer to the guidelines below and upload your file (either manually by copy/paste or by attaching a file).  I will usually get back to you within one or two days either approving your entry or giving you comments/feedback on how to improve your post.  Following the guidelines below will accelerate the publication of your post!  Happy writing!

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your post must be relevant to international relations/politics/current events – historic examples will be considered on a case by case basis (sorry, no science fiction or Game of Thrones recaps unless you can tie it into the news)
  • All submissions must follow the organizational structure of my posts, namely have a number at the top of the page, an explanation of its meaning in italics, a couple paragraphs analyzing the issue, and links at the bottom of the page. Your submissions should ideally be between 500 and 1000 words.  Anything above 2000 is automatically rejected.
  • Concerning the links, please include two categories (in order) 1. For more about the statistic (where you got the statistic – generally one link) and 2. Other relevant links (you may choose a few interesting articles/books).
  • If your statistic comes from a source that is not online, please include the name of the publication and the author. If it is from an academic journal please follow the following format: Name of Journal (publication month and/or year), Article Title, Author. e.g. Foreign Affairs (May/June 2014), How to Make Fracking Safer for the Environment, Fred Krupp
  • Refrain from being overtly partisan. You are entitled to your opinion (even if I disagree with it) but this website is not meant to spread partisan propaganda.  That said, including evidently biased links in the ‘other relevant links’ section is acceptable.
  • Try, as best you can, to include a few links in your main paragraphs that would add clarifying details. If you do not know how to do this, please put the links in parenthesis and I will take care of it before posting.
  • Lastly, I alone retain the right to the editorial line of this blog.  It is a forum where all opinions are welcome and controversy is expected, however if I deem something to be an affront to this blog, I will not post it but I will send you a message explaining why I made that decision.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me before submitting!

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